2019 Shipping Options

Jay Vige Boat Shipping jayvige@gmail.com +1 281 455 1096
Joanna Roach joanna@jpreynolds.com
Ship Allways www.shipallways.com +1 908 578 7576
Pindar - Nick Crabtree and Richard Thorpe richard.thorpe@tnlpindar.com



For boats that are participating in the Etchells North Americans at Houston Yacht Club, Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) will offer free, ONE-WAY, trailer hauling from Houston Yacht Club to Corpus Christi.  We are providing free, off-site, mast-down, secured storage at CC Electric, located at 2323 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, TX  78408. The yard is open from 9:00am-4:00pm M-F. No deliveries on Saturday or Sunday.  Please contact Alan Dinn at 361-960-0217

Before June 1, you may also store your boat on the public L-Head on Cooper’s Alley near the CCYC, but you must arrange for a parking permit from the City Marina. Please contact Marina Office at 361-826-3980.

After June 1, you may store your Etchells on the L-Head for free, as this fee will be covered in your Etchells Worlds entry fee. You must obtain a trailer tag from the CCYC front desk and attach it in a visible location on the trailer tongue.

For those boats shipping directly to Corpus Christi, CCYC has NO facility to unload containers. However, CC Electric (see address above) has a loading dock where boats can be unloaded from containers and trucks.  You can store your boat on site at CC Electric and we will haul your to the L-Head (98 Cooper’s Alley, Corpus Christi, TX  78401) when you need it.


Outgoing boats will need to make their own logistics for leaving Corpus Christi to their final destination. You will need to have your shipper arrange for delivery of the empty container to Cooper’s Alley L-Head (98 Cooper’s Alley, Corpus Christi, TX  78401) on Friday, June 28, and CCYC will provide a crane to unload the empty container to ground, you will need someone to pack up the container, and CCYC will provide a crane to load completely packed containers on Monday, July 1. (Etchells have successfully been loaded up and shipped out of the L-Head just last year.)

If you are planning on having a container dropped off or picked up other than the dates listed above, you will have to arrange for a crane to unload and load container on the chassis.  CCYC has NO facility to unload or load containers. Please contact one of the below companies, as these are the only crane companies allowed onto the L-Head.

Allegiance Crane                                     TNT Crane and Rigging
361-371-5285                                          361-289-5438
www.allegiancecrane.com                       www.tntcrane.com